Monday, December 17, 2012

Hopeless Romantic: Single Search

     While I am not single anymore, there was a time when I was. I was consumed by school and had other reasons as to why I couldn't go out as well.  I was sitting in College Algebra and had made friends with the kid next to me. He clung on to our friendship and spilled his life story to me (most people do this, I may have a sign that hangs somewhere dangerously close to me indicting that I desire to hear about this right off the bat, but I shall spare you the dread) Just take away from this that I was introduced to online dating via this person. While at the age of 16, I had thought nothing of it, towards the age of 17-18 I desired to have a relationship with a burning passion. All over the place I would see couples and swooned at the idea of being so close to another person.
     I had remembered the website he had told me about and created many profiles over the course of my year and a half search it took for me to find the one. While I don't necessarily approve of this website I will make sure I explain why later.
     My search was anything but organized. I wasn't sure if people were actually taking the time to read about me. I had put forth effort into writing a meaningful section on the "About Me" and I had a strange  method of figuring out who to talk to, who to go out on a date with, etc. Often times I would get so frustrated that I kept deleting my profile to force myself to come up with a different about me that would catch someone's attention. But there is a trick I used in searching for people, since online, you have a lot of people to filter through and just not enough time in the day. I realized this method while trying to help one of my friends find a girlfriend. I would simply go through the tabs on the top part of the page, scroll through the pages, right click on the people who's picture met my criteria, and before flipping to the next I would scan their profile quickly. If it met what I was looking for I quickly came up with a witty and charming message. None of which were mass produced. And YES I have had people do this to me.
     This is a matter of probability and persistence. It's A LOT like a job search and only you know who the one person can be to fill the position. It's discouraging and frustrating, but trust me; it's well worth it in the end.

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