Monday, December 17, 2012


     If you are unfamiliar with my writings (which is very possible) let me introduce myself, as well as my line of writing intended for this blog specifically.
     Life is full of relationships; romantic, platonic, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, bosses, every day people you run into on the street. You may never know every one you had the chance of walking past, but let me tell you, there are definitely patterns, or certain types of people.
     Since this is a newer blog line, as of today, there is no guarantee I will stay on topic. I am more than open to giving my advice. There's a lot of people on this earth and I've had the chance to meet a lot of them. My purpose of writing this is not to pass time, but to pass on some ideas since everything is clearer when someone from the outside puts it in perspective versus the subjective view so many of us have. So let's start with just a few to get some ideas flowing, shall we?

1. Being single and looking for the one meaningful relationship we all want; The Hopeless Romantic
2. The Job Hunter; overqualified for high schooler's jobs, and under-qualified for all the rest
3. The Peter Pan; the one who should act like an adult, but rather, still acts like a child
4. The Parents; sure, they care, but sometimes it's a little too much, and other times it's not enough
5. The Coveter;  the person who picks favorites
6. The Teenager; this person generally likes to text A LOT, they never seem to enjoy being where they are at the time and seek refuge talking to others via text or on twitter.
7. The Deal Hunter; this person loves a good deal, could also be frugal, cheap or actually think there's value in collecting and recycling aluminum cans
8. The Attention Seeker; this person generally seeks validation from others, and while this is usually normal, this type of person does it to excess
9. The Troll; this person likes to annoy people, often times angering others for amusement purposes
10. The Slob; this type of person lives in a habitat where the floors are actually just made of dirty clothes
11. The Athlete; could have been active at one point in their lives and always act over competitively

While these are just a few to get started on, I can assure that there will definitely be more along the way, and I am sure that Hopeless Romantic will be a long series.

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