Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How To Date Online: Types of People You're More Than Likely To Find

     Alright. Today's stats on people meeting online and being in a relationship is 1 out of ever five. That's 20%. Now a lot of times people are embarrassed to admit meeting their partner online since there is still that stigma associated with it. But let's be truthful here, if you hate wasting your time going out with people who you have close to nothing in common with your best bet is to use the magic of the internet to help you out. 
     If you look at my picture, you'll see that I'm not unsightly. So why is it that I reverted to using the internet you may ask? Time. I'm ambitious and often impatient. I like knowing what I want and getting it within a short amount of time; instant gratification. Blame it on the generation I was born in. But here was me. 17-18 I was cooped in my room studying for 6 hours a night. Reading textbook chapters, writing notes for the next days topics. Studying for tests, quizzes, and the like and on the weekends I worked. I hardly had friends and wasn't the type to go out without intention. That being said, it made it rather difficult to find someone. I read countless articles on "where to find single men", the places frequented for the type of guy you most want, and let's be honest-- none of them were appealing to me. I don't want to go to a home improvement store-- and it had mentioned finding men at the grocery store as well, hm, strange because I worked at one and there were none to be found. So I made a profile on plenty of fish; many profiles. Here's what you'll mostly find on there.
     Guys, you will find a short list of women. You have some types. 
1. BBW
     Now I am not against big beautiful women. More power to a women who can rock her body shape. But these are hardly the types of girls you'll meet. These types are more the age of senior in high school who claims to be looking for a inappropriately older man. Usually will have a child and takes a lot of close range photos of herself.
2. Party Girl
     These are the girls who claim to "hate drama," but in actuality, they are the causes for it. Any one who claims to hate drama is a magnet for it. They like to go to the bar and have a good time. She always puts she isn't looking for something serious, but could lead you on in order to have a good time.
3. Country Girl
     These girls aren't any Daisy Duke. They are the tom boys of the website. They like shooting, hunting, country music, the whole nine yards.
4. The Gorgeous Girl
     Hate to tell you but these types are unreachable. They will never respond to your messages or they were at one point a man. There is nothing wrong with trans sexual men and they are often the prettiest women, simply because, why change sexes to be an ugly woman?
5. The Questionable Girl
     She has some nice photos and seems like a nice match, that is, until you get down to her "about me" section of the profile to realize, she hasn't put any effort into trying to help you message her at all but claims she wants you to be "original," whatever the hell that means. She simply puts what she doesn't want you to say and magically you are supposed to generate a thoughtful and interesting and witty message and when you finally spent 3 hours devising an effortful attempt on your part, the message goes unnoticed and she never replies.

Ladies, you'll have an even shorter list.
1.The Country Boy
     He says right out he is a country boy, but to him, being country doesn't equal being chivalrous. It includes underage drinking, bonfires, and dumping you for his friends.
2. The Douche
     His messages always are written with the least amount of effort. It usually goes, "hey sexy how r u" His conversations aren't the least bit interesting and if you don't want to meet that night (for a booty call, because let's be honest, you have more class than that) then you will never hear from him again.
3. The Gangsta
     This guy is white. The whitest of the white and he thinks he is a bad ass because he wears large shirts and his pants hang below his butt. Want to know a secret? This was an indicator in prisons, that a male was ready for sexual relations with other males.
4. The Nice Guy
     I know, most would argue that most girls fall for the jerks, but a secret? Women don't like to tell you how to act. It comes off that you're a pushover, easily manipulated and have such a low self esteem that you aren't your own person, you want to be THE person. Don't change who you are to make someone else happy. Chances are, they won't be.

     But don't let this be discouraging. There are a lot of stones, but you still have a chance to find the gem among them.

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